Taking a little break

Been a long time since an update, huh? Should have told you sooner - Happy Ink has been temporarily closed because of other adventures. Good stuff, just lots of stuff...and unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day.

If you're looking for a design, feel free to email me to inquire about availability. Thanks for checking in.


40 years of marriage is a good reason to party

This lovely little set was created for a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party. You can click the image to view large.

What better photos to feature than those of the happy couple then and now? And here's your trivia for the day - ruby red is the 40th anniversary color.

Like this invite but need it for a different anniversary year, or maybe a special birthday? Then feel free to change it up to use text and a color scheme that matches your occasion (or your party decor!)

Greg and Vickie, congratulations! Hope you enjoyed a lovely surprise party. Best wishes for many happy anniversaries to come.


(Re)opened for business!

Happy Ink Designs is back in action!

After a crazy month, an amazing vacation in Greece and some much needed time off, things are back to normal. The Happy Ink Etsy shop is reopened and I'm available for custom orders.

Happy Fall!


I'm back! But I'll be gone again...

I'm back from Camp Sunrise and had the amazing week I knew I would.

But, remember this post about my crazy August schedule? Well, I'm in the middle of it now, so just a reminder that Happy Ink is closed until September 6.

Thanks for putting up with me. Much love until the fall...new designs and more blog updates are coming around the bend.


I'm off to camp!

Just a note to let everyone know I will be out of town for a week without access to email (and pretty much no access to just about anything else that's Happy Ink related).

I'm headed to Camp Sunrise, where I'll be volunteering as a camp counselor. If you don't know what Camp Sunrise is, please visit their site to get acquainted with one of the most remarkable organizations I've ever been a part of.

And if you're wondering why I do it, please read this article. It ran in Outlook Weekly (a Columbus pub) in July. There's so much that's so hard to explain about Camp Sunrise, but in this article, I try.

I've got some kids I need to go make happy. See you next week.


Who says baby showers require pink and blue?

Here are two recent Happy Ink designs inspired by Megan, who was looking for an invitation to her baby shower that incorporated brown and green.

The solution: A rich brown background (is brown hot lately or what?) with cute little doodads in sage, khaki and orange.

To take it a step further, Megan's guests will be thanked in style with matching thank you cards.

For this mom-to-be, pink and blue themes need not apply.


Crazy days ahead! Important schedule notes...

The month of August will be extraordinarily busy, so Happy Ink will be temporarily closed from August 8 through September 6.

If you're debating a Happy Ink design, please note this wacky but temporary schedule. Another important thing: If you're hoping to receive a Happy Ink product before mid-September, please place your order by July 27. This will ensure proper time for design, proofing and shipping if you need something during the blackout.

Many thanks and much love! Happy Ink will be back in full force with fall, holiday and custom designs this September.